Is Crude Oil Firmly On The Upswing Now?

It appeared that the bears firmly took the reins of yesterday’s session, but most of their gains were history before the closing bell. Have we seen an important turning point for oil? Let’s start with the daily chart examination: charts courtesy of and The futures opened today 8 […]

Fed in No Hurry to Move from Sidelines, Minutes Show

(C) Reuters. By Yasin Ebrahim – Federal Reserve policymakers agreed that current stance on monetary policy was likely to remain appropriate “for a time” to sustain economic growth and support the pace of inflation, which continues to fall short of the central bank’s target. Minutes of the Fed’s Jan. […]

Physicists Take Their Closest Look Yet at an Antimatter Atom

The laws of physics, as experts currently understand them, dictate the following: Every fundamental particle has an antimatter twin. The electron, quark, and muon, for example, are paired with the positron, antiquark, and antimuon, respectively. Each antiparticle weighs exactly the same as its twin, but exhibits precisely the opposite electric […]