Too Little Too late

In One of the more unsavvy political moves we’ve ever seen, Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg’s company, Bloomberg LP sent a memo sent to employees on Tuesday afternoon, ahead of Bloomberg’s second debate appearance, describing its “zero tolerance” policy for harassment, while announcing a new mandatory program to prevent harassment. […]

This Clever Robotic Finger Feels With Light

“Extracting information out of those 1,000 signals in an analytical way–it’s very, very hard to do,” says Ciocarlie, who developed the system. “I would venture to say that it’s impossible without modern machine learning.” Courtesy of Columbia University Machine learning comes into play when they’re calibrating the system. They can […]

Crude Oil Feb. 26 Update

Crude Oil: This support area looks really weak but we will take it a day at a time. Original Post Crude Oil Feb. 26 Update Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this blog are solely for information or educational purposes. The blog material does not constitute investment or trading advice. The […]