Some European Nations are Halting AstraZeneca Vaccines

The first Native American to hold a cabinet head position.  New Mexico representative Deb Haaland became was voted in by the US Senate.  Tribal groups hailed the occasion. 

The new Biden administration has tried to reach out to North Korea but so far there has been no response.  The US is concerned about nuclear tests North Korea conducted.

The White House made a statement that it would welcome former President Trump to help in promoting people to get vaccinated.  They pointed out that Trump can reach people who are not swayed by Biden.



While Auto Makers Rush to Make Electric Vehicles is Customer Demand High Enough?


the bahamas -

Recued by the Coast Guard After 30 Days

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force submarine Soryu is seen in the Pacific Ocean after colliding with a commercial ship on Monday. Damage can be seen to the planes on the sub's mast

Surfacing Submarine Hits Commercial Ship

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