Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Postponed Inauguration Prep for MLK Day

Many thousands are moving toward the United States in a migrant caravan hoping for asylum under the new President of the United States, Joe Biden.

With a goal of 45,000 vaccinations a day, Washington Governor Inslee is setting up a statewide plan including help from the National Guard.

President Trump issued an executive order lifting COVID related travel restrictions for 26 countries while leaving them in place for China and Iran.



Despite Warnings, Many State Capitols See Only Small Protests And Quiet Streets

The Warning Over Violence at State Capitols Ends up Seeing Only Small Protests


The hippopotamus population has grown steadily and the animals have become a hazard, the study argues.

It’s Bad News for Columbia’s ‘Cocaine Hippos’

VIRAL: Confidential Satanic Church Leaked on Social Media ...

An Arsonist has Burned Down a Church of Satan

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