Man with a Gun Arrested Near US Capitol  

Small traders banded together in order to take on hedge fund giants which led to mayhem in the markets.  Regulators and market officials are now taking a very close look at what happened.

In the time of the coronavirus pandemic what will the Tokyo Olympics look like?  Fans or no fans?  International travelers or locals only?  Many Questions remain.

The man who was accused of beheading Wall street Journal Reporter Daniel Pearl has been freed by Pakistan’s Supreme Court.  The Pearl family called it a perversion of justice and urged the US to take action.



Apple Working to Stop Apps from Tracking iPhone Users


The Amagansett Free Library in New York said a copy of Great Heart: The Life Story of Theodore Roosevelt, by Daniel Henderson, was returned this month after last being checked out in 1949. File photo by Valkr/Shutterstock

 How Much Was the Fine?  Late 72 Years, Library Book Turned In

Sharks and rays are at risk of extinction due to ...

Sharks & Rays Closing in on Extinction with a 70% Drop in Population