Gold Projected To Beat The Market In 2020

Gold will outperform the S&P 500 index in 2020. That’s one of several projections made by CLSA in its just-released “Global Surprises 2020” report. The Hong Kong investment firm has an impressive track record when it comes to making market predictions–last year it had a 70 percent hit rate–so it […]

The Phil Flynn Energy Report: February 10, 2020

So much for the “emergency” OPEC+ meeting. The cartel can’t seem to get Russia to believe there is an oil oversupply emergency even after a 22% price correction in response to demand destruction created by the coronavirus. Russia has delayed agreeing to a proposal by at the joint ministerial technical […]

What Scientists Can Learn From Alien Hunters

After the survey’s cancelation, “SETI became a 4-letter S-word at NASA Headquarters,” notes a recent paper by prominent alien-hunting researchers. The National Science Foundation then banned SETI projects from its funding portfolio. Astrobiologists, wary of being put in the same doomed basket as SETI, sometimes inched themselves away, emphasizing the […]

Natural Gas Rushes To New Lows

Concerns about the influence of the Chinese coronavirus returned to the markets at the end of last week. The focus was on forecasts of a slowdown in China’s economy and in the global economy as a whole due to restrictions on movement in China and long vacations on factories in […]